Fats in food pyramids and plates

Authors: Jiří Brát
Authors‘ workplace: Vím co jím a piju, o. p. s. Praha
Published in: AtheroRev 2022; 7(2): 104-109
Category: Reviews


The average consumers are not well orienting in fats. It turns out that they know the least about fats among essential nutrients. They do not know how much fat they should eat per day, which fats to limit, and which to prefer. Experts are trying to create more recommendations in graphic format, how the ideal diet should look like. Consumers are not able to memorize and follow dietary recommendations as a percentage of total energy intake or in grams. Therefore, food-based dietary guidelines have become recently more common. These are formulated in terms of specific types of foods, frequency of consumption, and portion sizes. There is an attempt to quantify nutrient recommendations as little as possible. Various graphical representations of what types of foods should be consumed more frequently or, conversely, which should be avoided. The food pyramid and the food plate are the two most commonly used graphic formats. While the verbal recommendations of professional societies do not differ much, there are significant differences in the graphical simplifications.


fat – food based dietary guidelines – food pyramid – food plate


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