Atherosclerosis in cancer patients

Authors: Beata Mladosievičová
Authors‘ workplace: Oddelenie klinickej patofyziológie, LF UK v Bratislave
Published in: AtheroRev 2018; 3(3): 179-183
Category: Reviews


Atherosclerosis induced by conventional anticancer drugs and radiotherapy have been a relevant issue of cancer patients during last decade. In addition, targeted and androgen-deprivation therapies can also induce vascular damage in these patients. Immune checkpoint inhibitors are a novel class of effective antineoplastic drugs with cardiotoxicity used in patients with malignancies. Atherosclerotic damage has been long underestimated in clinical practice, but recently a significant number of patients with serious artery disease during or after completion of anticancer therapy have been reported. Here we describe atherosclerosis induced by selected prominent drugs and radio­therapy used in oncology which have received particular attention in recent years. Additionally, this article presents common risk factors for cancer and atherosclerosis. It deals also with inflammation triggered by cancer.

Key words:

ateroskleróza, kardioonkológia , kardiotoxicita, kardiovaskulárne ochorenia, neskorá toxicita, rizikové faktory, zápal

Received: 4. 9. 2018

Accepted: 1. 10. 2018

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