Anorexia nervosa and lipid metabolism disorders

Authors: Ľubica Tichá;  Ľudmila Podracká
Authors‘ workplace: Detská klinika NÚDCH, Bratislava
Published in: AtheroRev 2018; 3(3): 173-174
Category: Reviews


Although low weight is associated with a low risk of atherosclerotic status, patients with anorexia nervosa have changes in many lipid and hormonal parameters that increase this risk. In literature, secondary dyslipidemia is often described – elevated cholesterol, elevated LDL, but also HDL-cholesterol. Triacylglycerols may be defined as elevated, normal or increased. Despite the unfavorable lipid profile, ischemic heart disease is only a rare cause of prematurely death in patients with anorexia nervosa.

Key words:

anorexia nervosa, lipid metabolism

Received: 10. 9. 2018

Accepted : 2. 10. 2018

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