Patient variability in nutritional case reports

Authors: Věra Boháčová;  Tamara Starnovská
Authors‘ workplace: Fórum zdravé výživy, Sekce výživy a nutriční péče, z. s., Praha
Published in: AtheroRev 2020; 5(3): 173-175


Nutritional and regime recommendations within the primary and secondary prevention of dyslipidemias (and cardiovascular diseases) have their specifics. However, their observance is significantly affected by several factors. These can include the individual possibilities of the patient (financial, logistical), the presence or absence of comorbidities, the very approach of patients. All these specifics must be considered in the recommendations. The interpretation of the same nutritional and regime recommendations may then take different forms in different patients. In practice, we meet patients who downplay their illnesses (“nothing hurts, nothing needs to be changed”), who prefer to follow everything more strictly without realizing the risk of nutritional delays, prepare for education and know in advance about they read everything to the diet or gather advice in their surroundings. However, such advice is not always shared with expert opinions. And then, of course, even those who are willing to make changes for the better in their lives and they can keep them for a long time. The nutritionist must be able to respond to all these individual specifics and interpret the recommendations according to them.


dyslipidemias – patient – recommendations – regime measures – special diet

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Angiology Diabetology Internal medicine Cardiology General practitioner for adults

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Athero Review

Issue 3

2020 Issue 3

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