Can we improve primary prevention of ischaemic heart disease? Which way?

Authors: Ján Murín 1;  Miroslav Pernický 1;  Martin Wawruch 2
Authors‘ workplace: I. interná klinika LF UK v Bratislave a UNB, Nemocnica Staré Mesto, Bratislava 1;  Ústav farmakológie a klinickej farmakológie LF UK v Bratislave 2
Published in: AtheroRev 2017; 2(2): 114-117
Category: reviews


Cardiovascular diseases are today in our country and also in the world the most frequent causes of mortality. Without some improvement also in a primary cardiovascular prevention we will not be successful in fighting these diseases. This is but not an easy way to walk. We should improve education of people about cardiovascular risk factors and how to fight them, and of education about our dietary habits. There is also some discussion about an hypocholesterolemic (by drugs) treatment of „healthy“ middle-aged people, when atherosclerosis is not yet well progressed. This knowledge comes from big and long term clinical studies. Recently started ECAD (Eliminate Coronary Artery Disease) study, with a follow-up for a decade, can confirm this treatment modality in primary prevention.

Key words:
dietary habits, cardiovascular diseases, primary prevention, reduction of serum cholesterol level risk factors


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