Challenging atherosclerosis, aggressiveness versus timing?

Authors: Jan Piťha
Authors‘ workplace: Laboratoř pro výzkum aterosklerózy, Centrum experimentální medicíny, IKEM, Praha
Published in: AtheroRev 2016; 1(1): 14-18
Category: Reviews


Advanced atherosclerotic changes can often resist even to aggressive treatment. Women in the population, diabetic patients and patients with renal insufficiency share the factor of optimal timing of treatment of atherosclerosis. In women transition to menopause could be optimal period for intervention. In diabetic patients crucial could be intensively intervene already in persons with moderately elevated fasting glycaemia. In patients with renal insufficiency the optimal start of statin treatment should be before hemodialysis.

Key words:
atherosclerosis – diabetes mellitus – timing of management – renal insufficiency – perimenopausal women


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Angiology Diabetology Internal medicine Cardiology General practitioner for adults
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