Intensive management of dyslipidemia in very high-risk patients with PCSK9 inhibitors

Authors: Viera Doničová 1;  Martina Gáborová 2
Authors‘ workplace: Diabetologická a metabolická ambulancia, Human-Care s. r. o. 1;  Ústav lekárskej fyziológie UPJŠ v Košiciach 2
Published in: AtheroRev 2019; 4(1): 49-52


In the case report on a patient with intolerance of statin therapy and a very high cardiovascular risk, we describe a beneficial effect of the treatment with the lipid profile target values achieved by a monoclonal antibody, the PCSK9 inhibitor.


alirocumab – high cardiovascular risk – PCSK9 inhibitor

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Angiology Diabetology Internal medicine Cardiology General practitioner for adults
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